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In our 12-month Sleep Coach on Call® program, we fix your child's sleep challenges, build balance in your home and help you all to sleep your best.

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Sleep training is hard. Keeping the sleep once you get it can be even harder. A child's sleep needs change, sleep regressions occur, nap transitions and developmental leaps leave you lost and unsure of what you are missing, how to make changes, and why they continue to struggle with sleep.

Built for Busy Moms

If you're like most of my clients, you are balancing a demanding career, or running a household, leaving little time for you. Add to that teacher, chef, and professional snuggler and who can find sleep?

Goodbye Bedtime Anxiety

You're running low on fumes. Brain fog is thick and strategic decisions in both work and home life are . . . slipping. Chronic sleep deprivation isn't good for your body or theirs. We fix that, alongside you, every step of the way.

Consistent Sleep Every Night

You're not even sure if sleep is possible . . . FOR YOU or YOUR CHILD. It's normal to feel that way. Most aren't even sure if they're ready when they meet me. That's when I teach you the solution to all of your sleep struggles and stay with your for 12 months, to ensure you get and keep the sleep you need to all be at your best.

First, you make the choice to take back control of sleep.
Then, we get started on your family plan.
The results? You receive the reward of pain-free bedtimes, full uninterrupted sleep, predictable naps, and no more anxiety knowing you have to do it all again tomorrow.

If you want to have a family that sleeps well, it is possible!
But YOU need to be ready to step up and say Enough Is Enough.
You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup.
It's Time to Make a Change.

What this program has to Offer

As a leader in pediatric sleep, our comprehensive sleep support program and diverse postpartum support will give you back your confidence in parenting & provide the support your children need to flourish. As they grow, their needs change, and you have support on that journey every step of the way.

This program is built for children from birth through 8 years of age, with specific and targeted programs, support, and expertise, regardless of where your child is on their journey.


To ensure we know exactly where you are struggling to support your unique situation.


A written sleep plan that will guide you step-by-step through the transition that you are making with your little one.


For 12 months, you will have the support you need to tackle any overnight waking, nap issue, or sleep regression that pops up with weekly live hot seats / Q&A's.


You will join a community of like-minded parents who can support each other, including private Facebook group access.


Endless videos, modules, and classes for just about any topic that you can think of. Sleep regressions, nap transitions, Daylight Savings, traveling, bed transitions, pumping, meal planning, toddler behavior battles, potty training, fear of the bedroom, you name it, we have you covered.


Free access to bonus content, including bonus sessions, live coaching calls, special pediatric guest experts, monthly live training, mindset mastery calls, hot seats, and special exclusive offers to speak 1-1 privately to any member of the Slumber Squad should you need it. We want to be your go-to expert on your journey to sleep.

Ready to Make Over Your Families Sleep?


Meet Courtney.

As the nation's leading expert in the field of Pediatric sleep, Courtney is dedicated to helping tired families get their lives back on track. Chronic sleep deprivation is a growing problem. As a mother, your own self-care gets brushed aside, leaving you anxious, unsure, and crumbling inside.

As a busy, working mother of two, Courtney knows first hand how crucial sleep is for a growing mind and body. Sleep is the foundation for which the house is built and her work with thousands of families around the world speaks for itself.

“I believe that this is the best investment that I’ve made on my child to date. There is nothing MORE important for a child or for a parent than for your child to have a healthy sleep routine. We constantly worry about the food we feed our children, they care they receive during the day– why not the sleep they receive at night? Having a well-rested child is essential to their mood and to my sanity as a parent.

Courtney is SUCH an incredible individual to work with and we’ve been beyond happy to work with her. It has made such a positive impact on our life to have a child that sleeps consistently through the night and takes naps. Many of our friends do not invest in a sleep expert and have struggled through the first few years– is it REALLY worth it? I feel like we’ve been set up for success!” -Blair

Is This Program Right for You?

You're facing the mental impact of sleep deprivation at work.

Relationship tension.

Postpartum depression and anxiety have made an impact on your life.

You feel you're missing out on the joy of parenting.

Your child is struggling, tired, and irritable.

They wake up crying with little bags under their eyes.

"Waiting" hasn't made it better, and that isn't going to change.

Life is short - You should be enjoying it.

How much longer are you going to do this?

The Sleep Coach on Call® is NOT for you:

You are not ready to dive in and make changes.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

The Sleep Coach on Call® Program

We know everyone is starting this sleep journey from different places. Whether you’re an expecting parent or the third child is just different from the rest with habits, this program will give the rest reset you have been looking for.

This program is designed for your needs, parenting style, and busy schedule. It's not realistic to think that every day will be the same with your child, having the knowledge to bend with them and support their needs, emotionally and physically is not something that you can do burning on fumes. The Sleep Coach on Call® program gives you access to Courtney Zentz and the team at Tiny Transitions, to build healthy, gentle, and sustainable sleep in your home, starting now and any time you need help, guidance, or a tweak to something that is off.

Get the support, education, empowerment, confidence, and clarity on the sleep you need.

Most Flexible

Twelve monthly payments of $99/month.

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Sleep Coach for Life

Lifetime Access to the Sleep Coach on Call, $3,999.

Be the Reason for Rest in Your Home.

Your child is tired. They are suffering and so are you. Why put off changing you and your family's lives for the better? As a driven #momboss, you need to be sharp, and you can't do that on 3 hours of sleep.

Sleep Coaching - whenever you need it.

Support with Founder, Courtney Zentz & the Slumber Squad®

Weekly Live Hot Seat Calls & Training's

Real Support, from the Experts, Live

Access to over 50 modules, training, and education

...have a Sleep Coach on Call® and leave the rest to me.

"We appreciate Courtney so very much, and I recommend her to all our friends. If you are considering, this is worth every single penny. Sleep is priceless and her coaching support is top-notch."

- Jaime (San Diego, CA)

"Making the decision to work with Courtney has been one of the best decisions we have made as first time parents. I am so proud of our little one and grateful for Courtney's coaching program"

- Aimee (West Chester, PA)

"Hire this woman! Her expertise and combination of recommendations led to sleep success with our 8 month old AND 8 year old. Worth every penny. Don’t second guess it- just do it and enjoy some sleep."

- Kelly (Boston, MA)


How do I know this will work for me?

Our goal for this program was to ensure it was set up to support a community of tired moms, with a level of customized support that isn't available anywhere else in this capacity. If you follow along with the program and implement the changes, sleep will happen in your home.

What age is this program best suited for?

This 12-month coaching is appropriate for parents with children from birth through 8 years of age. Since each client is individually working with me, the support, collateral, program guidance will be tailored to you.

What if my baby still eats at night?

There are many babies who do still need to eat at night, but can also have really good sleep habits too! I will show you how to achieve this balance, recognize it's time to eat, and provide consolidated sleep that is so crucial to their long-term health (& yours).

My child is struggling with fear & anxiety around sleep?

We understand and see that in almost every adolescent we work with. Through this program, you gain the tools to help support your child's needs, manage their fears, and help them to become empowered and enlightened through amazing sleep every single night.

Will there be tears during this process?

Change for anyone is hard and if anyone tells you that making changes and adjusting your child's sleep habits could be done without any tears, they are lying to you. (Sorry....setting the right expectations here.) My goal is to tell you to MINIMIZE tears because there are a lot of factors that play into how your child will change habits and behaviors, but I lay it all out there for you. If it was simple you wouldn't be here.

Do you have a guarantee?

Do the work, and you all will sleep well. All of my clients who listen to me, do the work, and follow my guidance have children who sleep, 100% of the time.

What makes this program different?

This is to ensure you build a solid sleeper and KEEP a solid sleeper for the long-haul. Hit a snag, a sleep regression, a speed bump, a life-changing event (Ummm...we are in the midst of one right now) - I am your private sleep coach, ready to help and support you on your journey to sleep.

How much time will it take for me to see results?

The initial program kickoff, as we implement changes will take some time to align, usually within about 30 days. Once we have a solid foundation, I work with you side-by-side each month to ensure that we don't hit any snags along the way. Enjoy being a mother and leave the rest to me.

I am not sure if I am the right fit?

Are you unsure about the next steps or have questions about the program? No worries, set up a consultation and I will happily answer anything you need to be at your best.