Get Your Kids More Sleep

in just 5 days

Create the sleep routine your kids need, so they get restorative sleep every night, and you have the extra time you need to advance your career or reconnect with your partner.

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Real results. More Sleep.

Why spend time guessing why your child won't sleep. Are you sick of sharing a bed with your infant or toddler, do you miss your spouse, who has been in the guest room for months, or miss the extra quiet time to do things you like to do? Through our workshop, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your child's sleep from beginning to end.


3 Simple Shifts For More Sleep Tonight

The 3 simple shifts you can implement today to get your kids started on healthier sleep habits tonight.


The #1 Mistake Parent Make with Sleep

The biggest mistake that parents make that derail both naps and bedtime.


The 3 Essential Parts to Every Bedtime

The three essential parts of every bedtime routine to help your child fall asleep and stay asleep with ease.


The 5 Most Common Obstacles to Successful Sleep Training

The common mistake, pitfalls, and sabotage parents face when they are sleep training or coaching their infant or child.


My #1 Tip to Avoid Sleep Regressions

As your child grows and their needs change, teeth erupt and colds happen, we discuss avoiding these and other sleep regressions forever.

During these sessions, we will uncover:

  • Day 1: The 3 Simple Shifts You Can Implement Today to Get Better Sleep Tonight
  • Day 2: The #1 Mistake Parents Make that Derail Naps and Bedtime
  • Day 3:: The 3 Essential Parts You Must have in Every Bedtime Routine
  • Day 4: The 5 Most Common Obstacles of Successful Sleep Training Parents Face
  • Day 5: My #1 Way to Avoid Sleep Regressions Forever


*This session is appropriate for children 4 months - 4 years of age.

Praise for the Workshop

"This was the most informative workshop I have ever been to. I have learned more in these few days from you then I did in a paid "DIY" program that failed us." -Breanna

"You are amazing. With a few small tweaks from this workshop, my baby who never slept for more than 2 hours at night is now sleeping straight through. You are a lifesaver."

"You are a sleep ninja. My son is now going to bed without a fight and two hours of us laying there. His grades are better and he is a happier kid again - THANK YOU."

About Your Presenter

Courtney Zentz works with thousands of families around the world and has earned numerous certifications in sleep, lactation (CLC), and as a postpartum doula. Her Slumber Made Simple™ methodology looks at sleep and our relationship with it in a whole new way. She contributes regularly to Thrive Global, Tuck, Romper, Fatherly, and many more parenting resources, all in the name of sleep! 

Sleep Consultant Near Me - Courtney Zentz

Courtney R. Zentz Founder, Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting


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