The first 12 weeks are the most difficult for many parents to navigate. I have taken years' worth of knowledge and thousands of consults with tired parents and broke it down into a single resource of over 30 pages, for you to master newborn sleep, 1-step at a time. My mission at Tiny Transitions is to help you love the newborn stage as much as you love them.


“I can’t say enough good things about Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting. As a new mother, I was feeling pretty anxious imagining a world with endless sleepless nights. I not only felt calmer but looked at nighttime sleep and daytime naps in a whole new way – it was like an ah-ha moment. Tiny Transitions empowered me to help my baby learn the skill of sleeping by providing the tools and framework needed to do just that. My baby is a fantastic sleeper and I’m a better mom because of it!”


Meet Rosie.

"Through the process of teaching my son to fall asleep independently, I felt a strong need for constant reassurance and found that through Tiny Transitions and the Slumber Made Simple™ Approach.

Today, I love working with Courtney as part of the Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting team. The gentle approach we use to help your entire family sleep through the night has worked for thousands of families.

I am certain it will work for yours as well."

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