The first 12 weeks are the most difficult for many parents to navigate. I have taken years' worth of knowledge and thousands of consults with tired parents and broke it down into a single resource of over 30 pages, for you to master newborn sleep, 1-step at a time. My mission at Tiny Transitions is to help you love the newborn stage as much as you love them.


“I can’t say enough good things about Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting. As a new mother, I was feeling pretty anxious imagining a world with endless sleepless nights. I not only felt calmer but looked at nighttime sleep and daytime naps in a whole new way – it was like an ah-ha moment. Tiny Transitions empowered me to help my baby learn the skill of sleeping by providing the tools and framework needed to do just that. My baby is a fantastic sleeper and I’m a better mom because of it!”


Meet Melanie.

"It is amazing what can be accomplished with the right sleep. Helping families to build a baby who can settle independently at bedtime, sleep through the night, and most importantly, wake-up happy and refreshed (along with momma) is such a passion of mine.

I want to provide the tools, knowledge, and support to help your little one to move from a sleepy-mess to having sleep success. My gentle sleep training approach, customized programs to meet your family where they are, and experience will get you to your sleep goals now."

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